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I will post picture this week of Chris's graduation, and some updates of the girls.  I know it's been a while, but I will try to do better.  For those who didn't get one, here's a copy of our Christmas letter - Kathy  

December 3, 2009


Merry Christmas, everyone!! 

            This year, instead of Christmas cards, we decided to send a Christmas letter.  We have had so many changes this year, it seems most people don’t even know where we are right now.  We sold our home in LaVergne back in May, and purchased a new home in Smyrna in late August.  We lived with Michael’s parents during the summer.  They were very gracious to let the four of us take over their house.  We are settled into our new place now, and everyone’s enjoying it very much.  Life group (our Bible study) is back in our home now, and we enjoy hosting our church family twice a month.  God has challenged, and hopefully grown us, a lot this past year. 

            Sarah celebrated her fifth birthday in August.  We had an afternoon tea party.  All the little girls came dressed up, and everyone got a hat, purse, and gloves to finish off their outfits.  They made pretty little bracelets, beautiful paper fans, and delicious cookies in the shapes of teapots and teacups.  Following “high tea” we got some fantastic pictures of all the little girls.  You can look on my photo blog for pictures.  Everyone had a wonderful time.  

            Sarah also started kindergarten readiness this year.  Her teacher’s name is Mrs. Davis.  Sarah is learning and loving school.  She has made a couple of “best” friends: Emilio, and Lydia.  It’s so hard to believe she’s in school already. 

            Ellie is growing too!  She will be two in February, and she’s a pistol.  She started walking in the spring, and now she’s running and roughhousing with Sarah, and basically getting into everything.  She loves Dora, and asks to watch it often.  She has a little Winnie the Pooh bear that she takes with her everywhere.  She’s starting to talk more, although her favorite word is still “no”.  We are working on that J  

            Michael is hard at work, as always.  He does a great job, and works so hard to provide for our family.  He has had several projects this year that have kept him consistently busy, and is getting someone to help him in the new year.  Michael is also performing this year at our church’s Christmas service, so we are excited about that.  It has been too long since Michael has sung for us J  

            Kathy is still home with the girls.  It’s a lot of fun (most days), but certainly challenging too.  She’s thinking about going back to school next year, if she can ever catch up with the appropriate faculty at MTSU, and getting a Master’s in Mathematics in Teaching.  We will see how things pan out. 

We had a wonderful vacation this year to Mexico.  We took a cruise in October to Cozumel and Calica.  It was a true “Green family” vacation – Nana and Papaw went too.  While in Calica, Michael, Sarah, and Kathy went to the Mayan ruins at Tulum.  It was super cool, and a beautiful place full of interesting history.  We could have stayed longer than we had time for and still not gotten it all in, probably.  It was a truly “must-see” excursion.  Sarah had a great time on the boat, and cried when we had to debark.  

            We are working on expanding our family.  We’re praying and hoping for a child in the next year.  We would love to add a son to the Green family.  Please pray for us, as we wait on God’s timing.  We’ve gotten our hopes up a couple of times these past few months, and it’s been hard to wait.  We know that God will give us a baby in his timing.  Hopefully, the next time we see some of you, Kathy will be “with child” again. 

            We have started a new tradition this Christmas season.  We bought an advent calendar last year and Michelle sent an advent candle from Germany.  Every evening after dinner, we light the candle to burn down one more day, and Sarah opens the calendar.  She is really enjoying this.  Every day, there is a scripture pertaining to the Christmas story, and we read it together, and the girls get a little treat.  We’re only a few days in, but it’s been fun.  

            Our tree is up – all nine feet of it.  It was something to get the angel on top, but it fits perfectly in the cut away by the stairs in the bonus room.  The girls both love it, as well as the stockings and outdoor lights.  We love watching Sarah get excited at all the Christmas things everywhere she goes.  We are going to see Santa at her school on Saturday.  They have a “help fill Santa’s sleigh” event where everyone brings canned goods for the local food bank, and they have pictures with Santa, music, and crafts for the kids.  Chris and his girlfriend, Kimberly, are coming to spend Christmas with us, this year, and we are very excited about that as well.  They came to visit last month, and we really enjoyed the time with them. 

            Chris graduates on the 12th from UAB.  Be praying for him as well, as he starts a new chapter in his life.  We know he’ll make a fine teacher.  Michelle, Trey, and the kids will finally be back stateside around the 12th, so we are very happy for that as well, and hope to visit real soon.   The boys are growing up quickly.  They will be stationed at Whiteman AFB is Missouri. 

That’s all of our new news, I guess.  You can keep up with us via facebook.  Michael and Kathy both have pages.  You can also check out our photo blog at  We try to update it from time to time.  We’ll try to do it more often in the new year.  We hope all of you will let us know how you are doing, and hope to see each of you in the near future.  We pray God’s blessings on each of you.  We praise him for his peace, comfort, joy, and most of all, for the gift of his son, Jesus.  We hope all of you keep the true meaning of Christmas in your hearts during this season.  God bless you all and Merry Christmas. 


The Green family

Michael, Kathy, Sarah, and Ellie

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Jayna said...

Oh Kathy! This is a great Christmas letter! How awesome for Michael to be singing at church! I'm so sorry we're missing that!